Workplace Entertainment

Workplace Entertainment

To most people, entertainment at workplaces seems to be a fishy and vague idea, but the reality is contrary to this. Workplace entertainment is instrumental in fostering light on how to improve employees’ motivation. For decades, the corporate world believed entertainment in offices is the enemy to conscious work. The present world has refuted this concept on the basis of psychometrics. How to improve employees’ motivation is a matter of great concern. The experts opine that two things lift up the level of motivation of the workers: financial benefits and workplace entertainment.

Entertainment exposed the answer to the question of how to improve employees’ motivation! A sufficient level of motivation, once achieved, further elevates productivity and efficiency by reducing unnecessary workplace stresses. The employers could opt for these things to create fun factor at the workplace.

  • Adding a small gym to the workplace
  • Introducing a workplace café
  • Adding a small media room to the office because music could kill stress
  • Allowing casual dresses once a week
  • Entertainment oriented friendly competitions to boost the level of energy
  • Giving parties to the top performers at weekends
  • Deploying play-and-learn activities
  • Organizing 10-minutes literary competitions could keep employees’ innocence

While focusing on how to improve employees’ motivation at the workplace, we find many examples worldwide that explain the way the workers boost their energies during the working hours.

  • Google does a great deal for the entertainment of its employees. The lavish food, subsidized massage, the workstation that you like, and thematic interiors all provide classy entertainment facilities at Google. How to improve employees’ motivation is a small task at Google. They allow every worker to spend 20 percent of the working hours on their personal projects.
  • Engro Corporation has never been behind in the race of offering entertainment activities to their employees at work. Engro believes in small-span entertainment chores at multiple times during the working hours.
  • Pizza is considered to be the most liked food at Microsoft. They offer complimentary pizzas to their top employees as a token of recognition of their performance. Microsoft employees have easy and free access to workplace play areas, musical instruments, and workplace gossips.
  • Multinationals are always advantageous when it comes to how to improve employees’ motivation. Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, DHL, and others value the entertainment factor for their employees because they believe in the validity of workplace fun as a motivational tool across the hierarchy. 

Gone are the days when workplaces required pin-drop silence to evolve concentration in work. The modern psychology has revealed that working with fun invigorates a higher level of motivation, efficiency, and productivity by keeping the employees’ health upright. How to improve employees’ motivation is no more a challenge for the contemporary organizations.

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