Where to prepare for the job interview?

Where to prepare for the job interview?

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity – Albert Einstein

Stepping into the world of job interviews without preparation might cause disappointment for the graduates and mid-career personnel. Today’s human capital is highly competitive. A job candidate, therefore, requires updated knowledge, industry skills, and intelligence quotient to grab the opportunities. Exactly 70 percent of the interviewers, most candidates have either no talent or lack in contemporary talent. These candidates might have great talent, but they do not know how to respond in the interviews and impress the evaluators. The interviewees actually do not know how to prepare for the job interview!

Following the 5-step approach could prepare you for the successful execution of a job interview.

Read interview related blogs

It is always useful to read some knowledge-based blog articles related to the preparation for the interview. HR blogs would give you a better insight into what the employers and interviewers require from you during the interview.

  • 40 percent of interviewers evaluate multitasking skills
  • 68 percent of interview specialists look for confidence and industry knowledge
  • Most interviewers decide on your fate in the first 120 seconds
  • Nearly 70 percent of candidates worldwide do not demonstrate eye contact

The aforementioned points highlight the importance of learning how to prepare for the job interview.

Join mock interview sessions

Mock interviews are designed to inculcate peculiar skills in the personality of job seekers. Mock interviewers justify how to prepare for the job interview.

  • 80 percent of the job winners had joined the mock interview sessions previously
  • Mock interviews polish your expression and paralanguage
  • Dummy interviews help you understand your weaknesses and strengths
  • The biggest outcome of mock interviews appears in the form of high morale and confidence

Gather prospect employer’s information

Primarily, a representative job candidate could accumulate adequate knowledge of the company for which he or she is preparing for the interview. You must be good at

  • A brief history of the company
  • Vision and mission of the employer
  • The business of the company
  • Scope of work managed by the employer
  • The financial health of the recruiting organization

Discuss with your friends

Before you appear for the job interview, informal discussions with your family and friends could assist you in understanding the basics of interview skills. Open discussions could help you formulate a valuable questionnaire containing some generalized tasks liked by the interviewers. Your independent discussions could pop-up the following questions:

  • Prove your eligibility for the position.
  • What if we do not select you?
  • What changes would you bring to the company if we hire you?

Understand interview psychometrics

The HR managers and interview specialists always ask a few psychometric questions. You need to analyze different schools of thought to construct reasonable arguments and responses for psychometric questions, which may include but are not limited to the following.

  • Basic IQ testing
  • Numerical word problems
  • Situational tasks
  • Logical and analytical ability

In short, a seasoned mentor could make you understand how to prepare for the job interview. Soon, peopleinbox.com is going to launch its premier interview preparation services.

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