What does keep the employees motivated?

What does keep the employees motivated?

Twenty-nine percent of employees leave their jobs because of prolonged demotivation. The monotony of the work and daily routine may take the employees to the jaws of demotivation irrespective of the gravity of situations. It is unavoidable to sustain employees’ motivation to keep the employees united for the achievement of collective cause. It compels human resource enthusiasts to think more about how to keep employees motivated.

The companies may help their employees feel motivated by taking some imperative actions at all levels of hierarchy in the following areas.

Unconditional job security

Employees demand job security in response to their good performance. The biggest concern for job security has been seen during the first year of COVID-19 which has pulled the designations down and millions have lost their jobs. How to keep employees motivated primarily depends on absolute job security. The HR professional defines the term ‘job security as a career with the same employer for around twenty years with a high salary and prospects.

Enough appreciation

Man is innately stimulated by an essential amount of appreciation. If the managers do not recognize the efforts of subordinates, the employees’ tendency to perform consistently would suffer substantially. All the theories of motivation support the need for appreciation for an ongoing addition to the business revenues. It happens indirectly but it does.

Fair compensations

Economic activities never sidestep the modern human being. People not only work for money; they work for more money. Along with mesmerizing professional growth, they want to be better at their pockets. A handsome salary package and financial emoluments keep an employee motivated, upright, lucrative, and unworried. Low salaries prepare the human resource to look for some alternate employer. This is therefore the strategy of the companies to retain employees for longer under the effect of competitive salaries and regular increments. 

Affable environment

A congenial and cooperative work environment creates a sense of belongingness. The workers feel intimacy while performing their job description in a friendly environment. Contrarily, the morale of employees drops if the surroundings are characterized by unnecessary office politics.

Opportunities to grow

Experience comes with sincerity that deserves equal opportunities to grow. People find themselves more comfortable with growth-induced careers. If the staff is enjoying growth opportunities, the HR managers know how to keep employees motivated. The organization where a clerical staff can achieve higher positions by showing requisite qualifications, capabilities, and proven skills is truly an equal opportunity employer.

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