Top 6 Questions the Interviewers are not Supposed to ask

Top 6 Questions the Interviewers are not Supposed to ask

Usually, the interviewers can ask all kinds of interview questions: open, closed, and structured. The world has unfortunately got a few interviewers who fling personal questions for the sake of completing an interview. This is ridiculously unfair to ask the following questions from the jobseekers and interviewees.

What is your ethnicity?

The HR sciences have revealed that ethnicity has to do nothing with job roles worldwide. Ethnicity refers to the society, civilization, and cultural background a job candidate belongs to. The real experts, therefore, avoid interview questions that target the origin of human resources. It is believed that efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, skills, and qualifications have no ethnicity. Such interview questions, therefore, are unnecessary.

What is your relationship status?

Though people do not normally hide their relationship status, it sounds really odd if someone asks about it during a job interview. This is a really very personal question and the interviewers are not supposed to inquire about the relationship status of the job candidates.

Which religion and sect do you belong to?

Religion or sect is lying very deep in the essence of human beings. The majority feel uncomfortable sharing their religious thoughts in a professional setting. All the multinationals are prone to strictly condemn the idea of evaluating the religions of the employees. According to HR surveys, 94 percent of the HR specialists avoid asking interview questions that are characterized by sectarian or belief related matters.

Question about sexual orientation

Let’s assume you have applied for an accountant position or for the post of a fashion designer. Your interviewer asks you what your sexual orientation is. For a moment you might be blank of surprise, but this may turn into a fight afterward. This would suddenly infuriate you as it is really the personal aspect of life that has nothing to do with business.

What is your financial worth?

Every employee comes from a different financial background. The decision of opting for a career-oriented job is backed by multifarious drives. The interview questions involving financial background are less of questions and more of criminal investigations. The prudent HR professionals never ask irrelevant questions for they believe that financial background has to do nothing with motivation and urge to perform during a job.

When are you planning to have kids?

This is really ridiculous if someone in the professional premises asks about this. Frankly speaking, this is something which only the couples can bother about. Even close relatives and friends feel awkward while asking about someone’s family planning. Humorously, the employees are supposed to do the job, not the kids and siblings of employees. The businesses and managers who asked personal level things are said to be under-cultured and under-developed.

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