Thematic Workplaces Improve Efficiency

Thematic Workplaces Improve Efficiency

The discussions in international workplace summits have proved the relationship between workplace themes and the efficiency of the employees. The HR professionals fling multifarious ideas about workplace themes.

  • The psychologists opine that thematic workplaces leave a positive impact on employees’ mental health, and they become 20 percent more efficient and productive.
  • Thematic workplaces reduce the fatigue of working by 29 percent.
  • Catchy themes at workstations improve human concentration and the level of accuracy.

Following ideas about workplace themes could cater to the needs of modern office layouts.

  1. Natural themes could be achieved by painting the walls in a creative way: forests, deserts, waterfalls, and other gorgeous landscapes.
  2. Historical themes could be opted by hanging the historical paintings and archeological designs along the walls and around workstations.
  3. Technological themes best suit to the employees who love technology. The pictures of technology-based inventions and the artificial intelligence concepts could be embossed in the work premises.

Google’s ideas about workplace themes revolve around creativity. They believe the fun at the workplace elevates the efficiency of the human resource and they feel less tired during the second half of the day. At Google headquarters, you would find an office-based cafeteria, a complete play station, isolated work layouts, and many thematic areas. They have done this to facilitate their employees’ work in the surroundings that best fit their attitude and emotional state. This strategy definitely bears fruit in terms of enhanced employee productivity, increased employee engagement, and quicker execution of the work activities.

You might have noticed the workers who place colorful coffee mugs and toy-like showpieces at their tables. They believe that thematic colors preserve the innocence of human beings for long. This innocence upkeeps the energy level and hence gives birth to efficiency at work. These small ideas about workplace themes are mind-blowing and easily workable.

Thematic workplaces demonstrate the specific operational philosophy of an organization. Yahoo, General Electronics, Boeing, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and Reckitt Benckiser believe in thematic workplaces to keep their employees happier, healthier, and more productive. The best ideas about workplace themes are included in the organizational behavior of the companies.

It is equally recommended for the freelancers and the activists who work from their homes to manage a thematic workplace to feel relieved and efficient during the working hours. Another benefit of the thematic workplace is that it lessens the negative impact of monotony in routine life. wants you to share your ideas about workplace themes in the comment section below.

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