The triangle of employer, employee, and revenues

The triangle of employer, employee, and revenues

In current times, the businesses are highly dynamic. Diversified demands and new competitors keep on entering the market. Further, due to the technological revolution and globalization, this dynamic nature of business has increased the healthy competition. All this dynamism has brought in a massive change in the previously conceived concepts relating to the employers and employees. The relationship between employers and employees appear to be quite justified and mature for jobs in multinationals.

It sounds ridiculously funny that after a year at your job you may be replacing a person who has once hired you. The reason is that the greater competition and race of efficiency conforms to the standard of old Darwinian Theory’ “survival of the fittest”. This correlation of the employer and employee is closely knotted with the level of revenue the business earns.  Jobs in multinationals are subject to targeted revenue gain.

Employers’ experience and insights

The employer is the focal entity in an organization. As it is not the workforce that determines the overall growth of any business but it is the quality of human capital an employer injects into the business. Thus, employers need sufficient experience and insight into

  • What kind of workforce is needed?
  • What kind of specialization a candidate must have?
  • What kind of skills and experience would be preferable?

Employee engagement

Hiring the right person is not enough for the elevation of the revenues of an organization. The engagement of employees is also mandatory. According to surveys, the businesses where employee engagement is greater experience 41 percent lower absenteeism and 21 percent more profits. The employee engagement rate is higher for jobs in multinationals. The reason is that employee engagement leads to

  • A Greater level of productivity by enhancing the morale of the employees
  • Significant reduction in absenteeism
  • Successful collaboration and promotion

Revenue growth and talent hunt

Employer engagement, of course, results in greater revenues for the business. But at the same time, a leading organization attracts new talent. Thus, smart employers have access to a huge and diversified pool of future employees and build strong relationships with them to gain big revenues.

Retention of talented workforce

Employers and employees work in consonance and ensure revenue growth. This is how this triangle is mutually depending as well as reinforcing. But the greater revenues let the employers distribute the awards among employees based on their efficiency and performance.

Quantum workplace

A Quantum workplace is the one that builds the emotional as well as the mental connection of employees to their workplace. Employees develop a feeling of ownership with their workplace and thus keep on contributing to the growth of it in every way possible. The result is lucrative and sustainable revenues inflow toward the business. The employers, therefore, need to provide a quantum workplace to their employees.

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