Qualities of the employees who deserve a promotion

Qualities of the employees who deserve a promotion

Around 14 percent of the world’s workforce is promoted to the next cadre every year within the same company. It gives them a 10 to 18 percent increase in salaries and financial perks. These are the qualities of good employees that take them towards career progression. The employees thus promoted to assume some greater responsibility in the hierarchy and dispense their experience for the well-being of the company.

If you want to get subsequent promotions in your career, you should have all the qualities of good employees, some of which are being discussed in this article. Please, read to the end! It would take a couple of minutes of yours.

Competent employees are self-starters

Self-starters just need a bit of instruction in the beginning. They then unleash their abilities to get the tasks done either without assistance or with a little support. If you think you are a self-starter at work, you might have enough energy, knowledge, and confidence.

Good employees do their work passionately  

According to a survey accomplished by the StatTiger, a bit more than 75 percent of the employees in South Asia show disengagement from their job. They do a job for the sake of a job. The people who love their work are always passionate about what they do. The work lovers are therefore selected for promotion to the more responsible roles in a company. Loving your work is the chief of qualities of good employees.

Capable employees update their knowledge

“Knowledge is power” is a known proverb. It is universal truth. The human resource specialists check the job-related knowledge of the employees. The people with broader knowledge base are chosen for induction to the next grades. It is said that an average CEO reads more than ten full-length books per year. Why? It is the relevant knowledge that makes you an efficient and effective human resource.

Hard work constitutes dignity and integrity  

The stairs of a career become easier to climb if you are a hard worker. Without working hard, you could rarely achieve integrity which is most required for getting promoted in a company. The top management not only appraises the execution of your job description, but they also assess your interpersonal competencies. Working hard means working in a result-oriented way within the deadlines.

Good employees respect organizational instructions

Resisting to following the instructions is quite common in the workplace. Showing compliance to the instructions and SOPs within the scope of job description stays at the top of qualities of good employees. The organizational hierarchy transfers powers and scope of work breakdown structure from top to bottom. An employee known for not following the workplace rules is never deemed fit for promotion. Never try to be one of them!

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