Motivation Drives your Career

Motivation Drives your Career

Motivation simply sprouts from the reasons to achieve, grow, and act in the desired way. Different people have different levels of motivation. As per psychologists and management scientists, it is the only motivation that drives you to perform in a particular way to achieve set goals in the due course of time. The multinational companies in the world try to keep their staff motivated to achieve corporate goals which include

  • Business Revenues
  • Expansion of Business
  • Corporate Image
  • Sustainable Business Growth

Whereas, the motivation that keeps the employees on the track to work with dedication, commitment and innovation may take any of the following forms.

Motivation to Grow

Achievement of career growth itself becomes the biggest driving force for your career. The Theory of motivation considers the need for personal growth as the major driver for human beings. Everybody wants to upgrade his or her lifestyle.

Motivation to earn

Money makes the mare go! Material resources are essential to materialize worldly needs. It is natural for the career-oriented people to plunge to the next salary bracket by putting efforts and performing in a promising way. Inspiration, as per the theory of motivation, enforces the human beings to earn more, save more, and cherish life at personal and social levels.

According to a competent survey conducted by various HR specialists,

  • 37 percent of the workers worldwide do their job with passion
  • 22 percent of the workers show indifference at the job place
  • 58 percent of the world’s workforce always looks for the next job opportunity

These statistics reveal the curious nature of humans. This curiosity further inculcates motivation. These are the motivated employees who win bonuses, salary increments, and functional promotions. The remaining just remain satisfied with what they have, whether this is salary or their current designation.

Motivation to learn  

Man is innately inquisitive. Desire to learn and gain knowledge is therefore in the blood of human beings. Learning never ends. That is why all the workers including lawyers, doctors, scientists, teachers, IT professionals, and sales personnel need to keep their knowledge updated and learn contemporary skills through:

  • On the job training
  • Classroom Instructions
  • Job Rotations
  • Refresher Courses
  • Professional Qualifications

If a representative employee is not ready to augment his knowledge of the modern lines, he is more likely to erode his level of motivation that hinders him from progressing in his career. Under the effect of the theory of motivation and the analysis of HR experts, the companies worldwide lose more than USD 1000 billion annually as a result of a lack of motivation on the part of employees.

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