Modern Recruitment Methods for Smart Choices

Modern Recruitment Methods for Smart Choices

The technological revolution has significantly changed the working style across the globe. The same goes for HR management which is evolving due to new solutions, apps, and techniques. In modern practices, game-changing hiring trends must be kept in view because the implementation of new recruitment methods can take this process to a completely new level. Here are a few really pragmatic and effective recruitment methods for enhancing your organizational productivity and efficiency.

AR (Augmented Reality) App for highlighting your company’s brand

As per LinkedIn research, more than 75% of job hunters choose organizations based on their brand and reputation. Therefore, showcasing employer branding is necessary. It highlights the goal, vision, mission, and culture of the company. There are a number of open positions in the job market but why the best talent should choose you must be clear through your company’s brand. This app helps the job applicant to know about the environment, working style, and overall scope of your organization.

Employing AI for greater outreach

Through the use of AI, your company can reduce the burden of the HR department significantly by making the managers more proactive, hastening the recruitment process, and scanning the applications as per the given criteria. In sum, through AI, the HR managers can:

  • Automate boring, monotonous, and time-consuming responsibilities
  • Automatically set up test and interview times for hiring
  • Make quick and quality hiring decisions
  • Considerably improve the experience of applicants

Integration of ChatBot in Application Tracking System (ATS)

ATS is a must need for speeding up the hiring process. Through ATS, HR managers can easily extract insights from past data for making better future decisions. With the integration of ChatBot in ATS, these insights can be made more precise and user-friendly. Built-in ChatBot helps the managers to decide about the available time and date slots for holding a test or interview. The ChatBot thus appears to be an aid while implementing various recruitment methods.  

Offering the video interview facility

Video interviewing can not only meaningfully facilitate the candidates but also is really helpful for the employer. It helps employers connect with potential candidates by eliminating geographic limitations. This process reduces cost as well as time for carrying out the hiring process. There are a number of software for doing video conferencing and interviewing such as Zoom, Google Meets, and Skype.

Employing data and HR analytics

An efficient recruitment method is always data-driven. Quality of hire can be increased through measuring, analyzing, and evaluating each stage of the recruitment process. ATS, AI, and other tools can be employed to gather as well as process the data for making accurate decisions in a lesser amount of time and in fewer rupees.

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