Mechanism of Internal Hiring

Mechanism of Internal Hiring

Internal hiring is one of the most useful hiring practices for many organizations and businesses, especially the corporate ones. It saves time as well as the cost of hiring. Since the employers are already aware of the skillset and proficiency of their employees, they, therefore, do not have to think hard before assigning a new role to the internal hire. Internal hiring is an efficient and effective way for both the business and the individual, in fact, a win-win situation.

Businesses across the world usually opt for the following mechanisms to induct an internal hire.  

Promotion of existing employee

Instead of recruiting a new person for a senior-level job through patent hiring practices, sometimes organizations prefer to promote the individuals working in the same department. However, such promotions are granted on the basis of certain parameters and even tests and interviews are conducted before granting promotion. It saves time, energy, and cost of the employer and benefits the employee in terms of career growth.

Transfer to another role

Within the same business organization, inter-department transfers are common. Sometimes employees are switched from one role to another to impart the achievement of corporate goals. For example, instead of hiring a new Research Assistant in the HR department, a competent research assistant from the communications department could be inducted in the HR department. Such a mechanism of internal hiring deems fit only if the company is going through some merger or adding new projects to its scope of business. ‘Transfer to another role’ is a specified method in the list of modern hiring practices.

Internal PER based referrals

Performance Evaluation Reports (PER) lay the foundations for analyzing the capabilities of an employee for further promotion to the new role for which the employer could otherwise hire personnel from outside. Subject to PERs and internal reference, some employees are given new opportunities with better perks and job descriptions.

Within organization advertisements

Hiring practices have experienced shifts through the development of corporate sectors. For internal recruitments, a few job positions are advertised within the organization. No outsiders can apply for these roles except if the company itself decides to publish a job advertisement in the external environment.   

Conversion of job status from contract to permanent

In some cases, after assessing an employee on various criteria, he or she is offered a permanent position in the company. The job status is thus converted from contract to permanent. This kind of employment status ensures that for that certain post there is no need for external recruitment for a longer period of time. It goes to the benefit of both the employer and the contractual employee.

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