Major HR Concerns in 2020

Major HR Concerns in 2020

Human Resource Department is considered to be the mother of all departments with performing key functions; such as

  • Recruitment, selection and training and development of the employees
  • Payroll management and employees benefits
  • Coordination between and among various functional areas

Under the umbrella of COVID-19 and strict lockdown worldwide, the HR management and strategy have experienced drastic shifts. Work-from-home jobs have replaced the casual workplaces and the men of HR are busier in finding appropriate solutions acceptable for both employees and employers.

Trending the work-from-home jobs

According to Forbes, Alphabet – the parent company of Google, has decided to allow its more than 200,000 employees work from home. Work-from-home is a new working style in the world. The business channel of CNN has reported that Alphabet and Google intend to extend work-from-home culture till June 30, 2021. Contemporary HR specialists’ biggest concern is to face the challenges of work-from-home and offer some effective solutions to carry out business activities.

Renegotiating employees’ salary packages

Since the year 2020 has still been caught by the pandemic. The matter of social distancing and lockdown has slowed down economic activity throughout the world. Many companies relied on downsizing. A number of employees have been fired and the HR specialists have started renegotiating the salary packages of employees at different cadres. Specific facilities and allowances have been taken back. The HR experts are still busy in managing this change across the industries.

Using the digital avenues for HR functions

In order to manage the challenging situation, the HR aficionados have fully shifted to digital tools and programs. Digitization of the business processes produces desired outcomes while managing the work-from-home trend. Digital revolution, on the part of HR personnel, is important for

  • Remote work management
  • Timely and uninterrupted communication through audio and video conferencing
  • Employees’ mental health and emotional stability
  • Interdepartmental coordination
  • Optimal utilization of working hours

Heading towards an uncertain future

Uncertainty mars everything! The focal challenge HR people are facing right from the start of 2020 is to upkeep the human resources and other business functions in the response of what will happen to the world in the future. Uncertainty is the product of the prevailing situation, hence, the companies have started taking initiatives to ensure sustainability and continuity of businesses with managing risks that are quite uncertain. Since the inexactness of the future has swallowed jobs of many, human resource experts are at the same time thinking of working in a new style without firing the efficient and loyal employees.

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