Maintaining Strong Organizational Culture at Remote Workplaces

Maintaining Strong Organizational Culture at Remote Workplaces

Establishing and maintaining a strong team culture at remote workplaces is very important especially during the recent HR shifts as a result of the pandemic. The new challenges in working from home have emerged, especially to achieve and train culture-fit employees. A well-organized and well-trained sports team goes through every thick and thin successfully. Similarly, strong team culture is imperative for greater efficiency, productivity, and growth of any business. Of course, it is hard to believe that such a strong culture could be established in absence of face-to-face interaction, but it is not impossible. Let us see what strategy could be made this goal achievable!

Recruit team members with a strategy

Under normal circumstances, workers try to adjust themselves to the office environment. Nevertheless, when your team is spread across the town, country, or even globe then selection criteria differ. The infusion of the culture of an organization starts with the first hire. Hire individuals by considering their viewpoints and their ability to contribute to a meaningful organizational culture. Afterward, make sure to introduce new team members individually with the entire team. The most preferable medium could be a video call. The HR specialists thus can successfully face the challenges in working from home or remote workplaces.

Cultivate feelings of engagement and connection

In a remote environment, the first thing to ensure is to design channels in a way that connects the entire team. This can be done through multiple platforms such as Zoom meetings and sharing work on Slack. The big MNCs are going to deploy their personalized software to achieve this.  Let all team members know about the progress of their colleagues. This enhances the level of engagement and connection. Good managers know that loyalty is the product of engagement. Also, ensure that every team member feels connected by giving weekly or monthly credits to some members.

Enhance mutuality and motivation

Working in a remote setting can create feelings of isolation and demotivation in employees. It poses one of the biggest challenges in working from home. Thus, they may start leaving the organizational culture. Therefore, it is important to retain motivation and connections among employees strong. It helps them stay in continuous momentum. This can be done via assigning the shared project or tasks to some members who are least connected.

Compliment employees in a unique way

It is laborious to sit alone before your computer while everybody at home is doing different things. The employees frequently feel frustrated because they cannot experience the organizational culture. Try to develop feelings of ownership in them to make them feel that organizational culture moves with them wherever they are. For performance encouragement or for punctuality, send them gifts with office logos such as shirts, cups, laptops, and bags.

By taking advantage of modern technology and contemporary HR philosophies, an enterprise can achieve a sustainable organizational culture that is capable to retain and motivate employees.

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