Jobs in Technology Sector

Jobs in Technology Sector

Modern time has turned the whole canvas of corporates to technological fronts. Human beings heavily depend on technological paraphernalia for getting the jobs done. This is because the use of technology imparts efficiency, reduces production time, squeezes wastage, and decreases costs. The US economy has created 246,000 new jobs for technology experts. Speaking of Pakistan, the IT jobs has increased by 24 percent this year as compared to 2021.

Opportunities for IT Professionals

With the recent uptrends in e-commerce and work-from-home models, there are numerous available IT jobs in Pakistan and in all parts of the world.

  • Data Scientists
  • IoT Architects
  • AI Engineers
  • Full-Stack Developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Architects
  • Block-Chain Engineers

Where Google, Meta, and Microsoft are the highest paying employers in the technology sector, a few development companies pay special attention to the training of the employers. It goes to the benefit of the hires in long run.

Engineering Jobs

Not only software engineers but also the experts of all domains of engineering have more job opportunities as compared to a couple of years ago. Due to the boom in Pakistan’s construction industry, civil engineers, architectural engineers, material analysts, electrical engineers, and civil surveyors are in demand these days. All that you require is to design a fabulous resume and apply for the job to industry leaders.

Jobs in Freelancer Industry

The freelancer industry has got recognition, momentum, and expansion. Most part of this industry is done through IT professionals and the rest take help from technological platforms to deliver their services across borders. Nearly all corporates need networking engineers, development specialists, and technical staff to carry out their businesses smoothly.

In Pakistan, the government is paying special attention to the work of freelancers. Banks have allowed opening freelancer accounts to facilitate the workers. Digitalization is breeding handsome opportunities across all niches of technology – engineering, information technology, and data management.


What makes an aspirant’s career successful is hands-on experience in using technology. IT jobs in Pakistan are one of the highest-paying opportunities for young professionals. Even HR specialists are recruiting online as freelance consultants and contractual professionals.

Looking at the international technology job market, the US technology market amounts to $1.5 trillion. The volume of the global market could be estimated under the effect of the US market statistics. It further explains the demand for technology professionals, especially backed by the Covid-19 circumstances.

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