Jobs for Women in Pakistan

Jobs for Women in Pakistan

Present day economy has a plethora of jobs for women. Even though, a huge gender gap exists in job market of developing countries where women not only lack offers for best jobs but also face disparity in emoluments. Now, though, there are many jobs for women available in big metropolises, but not all jobs offer same prospects. Ladies in healthcare, technology, management and law have more career growth than while staying in other fields. There are few careers that hold more learning and earning potential for women and, thus, are lucrative for them in long run. For government sector jobs, an allocated quota for women has been decided across the economy.

Chief Executive Officers

Chief executives are engaged in planning, coordinating and managing the company’s overall operations. These owners are always concerned about the vision, target and growth of their business. Further, the CEOs have to work in harmony with the diversified environment where they have to engage with both public as well as private sector. They also have high demand if they want to switch their jobs and are among the highest earners. The persistent as well as adaptable nature of women makes them more suitable for this position. There are many management jobs for women in Karachi.

Paramedical Staff

Nurses are responsible for providing primary and secondary healthcare services to patients. Women are often good at giving. Getting a nursing degree and relevant license in not a tough task to do. Internationally, this job has all time scope and offer good remunerations. Pakistani nurses have high demand in Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

General Physicians

A physician has to examine, diagnose and prescribe the patients according to prescribed medical conditions. There is huge range of courses that a physician can specialize in and each one has its all-time high demand. The field of Medicine is considered to be one of the fittest jobs for women around the globe.

Dieticians and Nutritionists

Jobs for women in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are found to be more diversified as compared to other big cities of the country. There is huge need of diet and nutrition experts in present world. Women are naturally more inclined to this field due to their caring, supporting and pampering nature. Getting a diploma as a diet specialist is quite easy and thus one can continue her own business privately or can join a good organization effortlessly.

HR Managers

HR managers have to screen, interview, hire and conduct training for the employees. They also have to focus on managing their motivation, incentives, bonuses and other benefits for the employees. If you search for ‘jobs for women in Lahore and Karachi’, you will find a range of jobs mainly falling in the category of human resource management. Around 45 percent of the women in Pakistan specialize in HR Management while qualifying their MBA.

Lawyers and Consultants

Pakistani women are making their mark in the field of law and justice. They have been working as civil judges, Supreme Court lawyers, and corporate legal consultants. A four year bachelor degree and a license is needed to pursue this career either in individual capacity or by working under specific bar. This is highly remunerative and engaging career.

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