Job Enrichment versus Job Enlargement

Job Enrichment versus Job Enlargement

What is Job Enrichment?

Job enrichment means increasing the job contents and upgrading the scope, responsibilities, and challenges to make a role more impressive and productive.

Often, the jobs become monotonous; the employees lose interest in their work and show less motivation to perform their job description. The concept of job enrichment becomes instrumental here!  

The organization enhances the workload and challenges for the employees to motivate them to work hard for the achievement of objectives. Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory also focuses on this by increasing the responsibility and challenges of the job.

How the job could be enriched?

  • Adding value to the job description
  • Enhancing the level of responsibility
  • Providing fair feedback to the employees
  • Increasing salary packages to motivate employees
  • Giving sufficient freedom to the employees

Advantages of Job Enrichment

  • It increases the concern of the employees towards the organization.
  • It reduces the employees’ absenteeism and their turnover rate.
  • Job enrichment upturns the quantitative and qualitative outputs.
  • It raises the employees’ learning potential.
  • It enables the fair distribution of the workload.
  • It reduces the cost of doing a job.

Limitations of Job Enrichment

  • Enrichment is not possible for all kinds of jobs due to technological limitations.
  • Everyone does not want a challenging job. Some people just work for their survival.
  • A few employees change their employers every five years. In such cases, job enrichment hardly fits into the situation.

What is Job Enlargement?

It is basically a technique that makes your job interesting. It is an integral part of job enrichment. It refers to the assignment of varied tasks of employees all on the same level. Job enlargement, in other words, is an addition to the JD activities.

In this case, you increase the number of tasks and duties without upscaling the functional designation of employees. No special skills are required to perform additional tasks. Under job enlargement, horizontal expansion is achieved by raising the salaries of the employees being enlarged.

Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement: Differences

Job enlargement

  • Expands the job horizontally
  • Reduces the boredom of a specific job
  • Does not require a special skill
  • Requires more direction and supervision
  • Supports career growth in the long run

Whereas, the job enrichment

  • Improves the quality of the job
  • Expands the scope vertically
  • Makes the job more challenging and lively
  • Employees need high order skills
  • It needs less external supervision
  • It makes a job role more meaningful
  • Employees enjoy more autonomy
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