Introducing Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management

Introducing Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management

We are living in a mechanized world. It would not be unfair to believe that human beings have made friends with machines. The technological revolution has entirely changed the canvas: e-commerce, digital marketing, and AI-based automation.

The introduction of AI in HR is the most recent development under the collaboration of technology and corporate bodies. Influenced by human intelligence and the ability to think, Artificial Intelligence is based upon machine learning with an ambition to gain the nearest approach of human’s natural acumen. It is crystal clear that AI in HR has become inevitable to achieve full automation.

Benefits of AI in modern HR

  • A decrease in the cost of hiring in the long-run
  • Quick review and analysis of resumes
  • Automatic pooling of the candidates
  • Error-free evaluation of the job applications
  • Timely response to frequently asked questions
  • Unbiased, merit-based selection
  • Time management for HR functions
  • Easier payroll management
  • More efficient and transparent recruitment
  • Management of multiple languages
  • Automated responses to the candidates and stakeholders
  • Streamlined record-keeping of the employees
  • Security and safety of using AI tools
  • Smooth tracking and feedback
  • Less involvement of tangible utilities in offices

Machine learning is the new way of HR management

The concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, though not novel, are pushing the corporations and multinationals to broaden their technology base to meet the contemporary challenges in business processes. AI has exposed big changes in the human resource sector. This is therefore necessary for the HR specialists to afford and manage AI-oriented change in a profitable way.

Putting all the HR jobs on the shoulders of Artificial Intelligence could save huge chunks of time on the part of HR experts who could divert their time and knowledge to some other activities: seminars, training, motivational discussions, appreciations, and workplace management.

Acrologix prefers Artificial Intelligence in HR

Acrologix, a team of creative technology enthusiasts, is busy inducting AI-based tools to make HR processes more reliable and focused. Machine learning is growing across the industries and hence the need for AI in HR. Machines are dependent on instructions in the form of specific data; Artificial Intelligence processes data to make the machines learn situational and continuous behaviors. Thus, repetitive actions and results save human beings from the hectic manual and mental processes. Acrologix is one step ahead in experimenting with AI in HR.

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