Important Components of Letter of Resignation

Important Components of Letter of Resignation

Letter of resignation is one of the most important HR considerations. The employees use their freedom to work with the employer of their choice. This freedom is protected by the competent laws in every country. It is therefore imperative for the employees to learn how to write a resignation letter.

Address the right personnel

If you don’t address the right person for your letter of resignation, it would hardly collect any feedback. Such letters are usually addressed in the following manner.

  • Address your immediate boss while resigning.
  • Your manager would recommend your resignation and forward it to the HR department.
  • Upon completing the formalities, HR Chief or Group Head is supposed to accept your letter of resignation.
  • Avoid sidestepping your immediate manager while presenting your resignation letter. It would reach nowhere.

Give logical reasons to leave  

The people who know how to write a resignation letter know the importance of mentioning the appropriate reason to leave the employer. This may encompass some personal or professional reasoning. The letters of resignation that don’t carry proper reason are often rejected and left unattended.

Mention the notice period  

Usually, at the time of accepting the job offer, a contractual clause explains the length of the notice period for leaving the job. If the notice period is not clearly mentioned, your letter of resignation is more likely to lose its authentication. In this case, you will have to rewrite and resubmit your resignation. The provision of a notice period benefits both – employer and employee. During this period, the employer could arrange the best replacement of the leaving employee. Similarly, the employee leaves an employer decently.  

Request experience letter

At the end of the resignation letter, you are always supposed to request your statement of experience from the human resource personnel. Letter of experience, with a full statement of your job description and length of service, is a professional instrument for the employees. In case you miss this essential in your statement of resignation, you may face problems in the future.

In pursuance of your letter of resignation, the competent human resource personnel would consider some departmental verifications before accepting it. The copy of your resignation would probably route through various divisions: accounts, sales, inventories, and administration. Once your resignation is accepted, the HRD refers to the accounts department for disbursement of your financial benefits as per law.

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