HR Triangle: Employee-Compliance-Employer

HR Triangle: Employee-Compliance-Employer

Compliance is the quality of the employees to follow the functional and organizational SOPs in line with the changes that occur from time to time. Pakistan’s job market demands highly compliant employees at all levels. The same is the requirement of the global job market. Therefore, it would be pertinent to understand the relationship among employees, employers, and the quality of compliance.  

Why do employees need to demonstrate a high level of compliance?

Compliance here does not mean ‘complete obedience’. Instead, it refers to the quality of practicing the set of rules to perform various jobs. The employees need to show compliance to breed legitimacy in working. Like in any other country, different employees witness different levels of compliance in Pakistan’s job market.

A typical employee needs to exhibit compliance at operational, financial, and administrative fronts. Things in the business world call for legit mannerism and a highly effective culture. Compliance sets up the foundations of a healthy organizational culture.

Let’s see another side of the coin. The employees who comply with the SOPs excel in their careers at a faster pace. They get continuous salary increments, performance bonuses, and career growth. And those who breach hardly stay in the loop; the corporate world throws them out of the system for being uncompliant.

The very nature of compliance

It is the quality that carries the lifeblood of trustworthiness. The fueling nature of this quality makes up the part and parcel of organizational officialdom. In the absence of a strictly compliant environment, parallel businesses take place. This is not what the corporate world is meant for! The importance of complying with demands is obvious.

Just exclude the commitment for compliance between the employee and employer, the career equation would hardly be valid. The employer company is also required to comply with certain laws and regulations that decide its obligations to the employees, job security, and end-of-retirement benefits.

Why do employers prefer compliant human resources?

The one who is not compliant can create lots of problems even in a cultured environment. The uncompliant employees prefer personal aura over the collective corporate objective. Therefore, all the recruitment specialists look for the quality of compliance in the employees of all cadres.

  • Compliance brings harmony in operations and ensures financial transparency amongst departments and divisions.
  • It speeds up the execution of daily tasks
  • The very characteristic of compliance mitigates the plausibility of unfavorable happenings at workplaces.
  • Compliant human resource causes no employee disputes while all are contributing to the common goal.
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