HR Managers as Change Agents

HR Managers as Change Agents

It is a sequence of steps that a leader follows to apply change management in order to find the intended results. How to manage change is a five-step process that HR managers adopt.

  • Identify the change
  • Embark upon details
  • Develop an approach
  • Implement the plan
  • Monitor the outcomes

The people who turn the strategies into reality and make a change are known as change managers in modern human resource management. Man is innately tractable, so the specialists face challenges in fostering a scalable change management process.  

Role of Change Agents

  • Taking new initiatives
  • Improving the performance of organizations
  • Monitoring and influencing the organizations
  • Setting goals to direct mutual efforts

All those organizations which have managed change successfully have changed their human resource management policies first. HR Managers know how to manage change using the best of strategies and case studies available.

What the HR Managers are supposed to do in the Change Management Process?

Before Change

  • Prepare the employees to pass through change
  • Act as a catalyst for the change process
  • Build a capacity for change in the organization
  • Plan changes with sponsors
  • Give coaching to team up the concerned
  • Lead the participants to carry out change
  • Chalk out a comprehensive plan

During Change

  • Facilitate the discussions about change
  • Coach the leaders throughout the change
  • Act as a mentor to the coaches
  • Emphasize what is in it for the individual
  • Address concerns of everyone in the team
  • Communicate to level up the pace
  • Motivate others to get required results

After Change

  • Help employees to forget the past culture and adopt the new one
  • Sustain the momentum of change acquired
  • Internalize new behavior, policies, and culture
  • Recognize and celebrate success
  • Build on the change for future

What do we need to improve?

  • Evaluate the viewpoint
  • Undertake strategic forecasting
  • Determine action points
  • Establish a plan for better communication

HR management can help the workplace of the organization prepare for and better adapt to any change that is more likely desirable in the future.

John Kotter’s Eight Step Change Model

  • Create the orientation of change
  • Build on resources and teams
  • Forecast the outcomes of change
  • Enlist top objectives and goals
  • Communicate with the stakeholders
  • Enable participants to change
  • Sustain the change achieved
  • Institute the results of change

Act as Integrator and Evaluator

To accomplish the final stage you must build and integrate systems and processes in the organization. Evaluating a change means reviewing the implementation and outcomes in order to determine its success. How to manage change becomes an easy job if the sequence of activities is kept original. At every step of the change process, HR Managers need to evaluate ongoing procedures to suggest alternative courses of action.

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