How to Develop Leadership Skills In The Workplace

How to Develop Leadership Skills In The Workplace

Who are LEADERS?

Leadership skills at the workplace are a set of behaviors that had a direct impact on business performance & developed through hands-on experiences. The term Leadership cannot be defined in terms of age, gender, status, opportunities, or position. Anyone can be a leader if it has attributes like mindfulness, sentiments, caring attitude & the one who feels the pain of others. According to Islamic teachings:

(Everyone is a leader among you & you are responsible for your team). What makes a good team?

Leaders inspire the employee to work in a team. A good leader is always standup with the underperformer. A workplace where everyone assumes themselves as a boss fit as a people-oriented working place. To practice, effective leadership skills follow the following tips 

A leader always acknowledges & Values the capacity of his hired hand.  Acceptance & appreciation increase employee morale. 

Trust the skill of your employee. 

As a leader, learn the art of care.

3 tips to improve leadership skills? 

You must always learn & improve.

All leaders are good readers. They always attend sessions; go into discussions, read business books & magazines & do analyses of upcoming trends in the market. Taking feedback as a learning process always makes a difference in the growth of a person. 

Be a motivator:

A good leader always motivates others. Leadership is not leading one it’s about leading others so always try to support connect with the emotional intelligence & understand where people come from & by putting in the shoes of others make a better understanding of a problem & resolve conflicts. 

Be a problem solver

A leader is always a problem solver. Problem-solving is not how you put all things alone it is something how you going to bring teams together to move things & think logically. Research, active listening & communication resolve half of the problem


According to the stats: (More than three quarters (79%) of employees quit due to lack of appreciation). This shows the importance of leadership skills at the workplace & after implementing those skills bring great abilities of a team &improves the efficiency & effectiveness.

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