How to deal with a tough boss!

How to deal with a tough boss!

The human resources are prone to adopt different styles of management in the commercial world. The career has never been a smooth journey as there are many ups and down in one’s professional life. And one of the hardest things to manage is reporting to a tough boss indeed. As you have to spend a huge time at office, therefore, it is necessary to learn about dealing with a tough boss, instead of thinking about some exit plan. Here are a few ways through which you can manage up with the hard-hitters.

Meeting deadlines in good faith

For dealing with a tough boss, an important rule to remember is to meet all deadlines timely. Otherwise, you will have to remorse for the unnecessary delays afterward. Inability to meet deadlines actually infuriates every manager in the hierarchy. Since delays are fatal to a business activity, you should persist on completing the assigned jobs within stipulated timeframe. Being aggressive about the deadlines is one of the styles of management and practised by more than 80 percent of the top managers worldwide.

Communicating timely and effectively

All the contemporary styles of management call for timely communication in internal and external environment. If you are able to communicate in an effective way, your manager is less likely to practise the hard attitude. Ask your boss about what to do, when to do and how to do. It develops the professional relationship and you, in this way, can enjoy the company of your tough boss. Remember that the communication without timely feedback is useless at all levels, and such happenstances are enough to ignite your immediate boss.

Complementing the decisions of boss

A boss is the person who has to frequently take multiple decisions. Decision taking is a rigorous task that is characterized by different styles of management. Accepting appreciation is a shared human trait. Complementing the efforts of your boss often proves instrumental for bearing up with the tough managers. At the same time, unnecessary appreciation with the use of an oily tongue can take you to the new difficulties at your workplace. Moderation therefore is mandatory at all levels.  

Speaking up over boss’ rude behavior

Never give up! If a boss has always been rude to you without any reason, you must communicate him about his behavior. However, before you are going to speak up, research about your position and management policies and culture of your organization. Make sure that you are not going to break the decorum of your office while communicating your viewpoint. Speaking up in a civilized way is your right. The subordinates have their own styles of management and you can use the freedom of expression in a prescribed manner.

Exploring the choices and priorities

You need to observe the styles of management. Observe the scenarios that make your boss angry, upset, happy and aggressive. What kind of tasks your immediate manager wants to be done at earliest and what projects he wants to be accomplished in the most efficient way. By observing the behavioral shifts in the personality, you can manage a rough and tough boss.

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