How HR Specialists Determine Salaries?

How HR Specialists Determine Salaries?

Wages and salaries are the frontline drive for the employees to do a job. The HR departments take care while calculating the salary packages. The personnel at multinational jobs are paid commensurate to various parameters. Usually, the payroll specialists consider the following factors to decide on the salary of an employee at all career levels.

Wage levels announced by the governments

No corporation is allowed to pay the workers below the minimum wage level as stipulated by the government of the country. The minimum wage rate in Pakistan stands at Rs 17,500 per month and in Germany EUR 1,580 per month. The federal minimum wage in the United States amounts to $ 7.25 per hour. The employers are bound to comply with the minimum pay standards set by the respective country’s legislation. In the case of multinational jobs, the salary of an employee is determined as per labor laws of the country of posting.

Qualification and industry experience

The HR managers assign different cadres and pay scales according to the level of educational qualifications, technical and administrative experience, and industry knowledge. Things are smelt out during the hiring process and a specific functional grade is allotted to the new hire. All the local hiring and multinational jobs take these two factors seriously while estimating a potential salary package.

Market competitiveness

Every industry follows the footprints of a market leader. Apart from the performance, salaries are also benchmarked with what the market leader is offering to its employees. Market competitiveness is therefore taken into account for concluding the salaries of employees at multinational jobs. The local market, in the same way, pays attention to the competition to determine salaries.

Employee’s productivity and special allowances

Though, the standard breakup of a person’s salary includes basic salary, house rent, health insurance, and conveyance allowance. For specific positions, the financials of salary additionally constitute some special allowances: manager’s allowance, educational allowance for an employee’s children, personal development allowance, international airfares, traveling allowance, and others which are applicable as per geographical location of the job. Additional allowances go to the destiny of the people doing multinational jobs.  The job analysis is done to explore an employee’s productivity and hence the pay grade is revised.

Rates of inflation

The rates of inflation in different countries are different. Inflation directly effects house rents, edibles, and transportation prices. A sudden increase in the rate of inflation could make a person’s salary inadequate. Human resource experts cannot ignore inflation while determining the minimum salary threshold. Wages for multinational jobs are subject to periodic inflation rates. The same is the case with generic job roles.

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