Global HR Statistics

Global HR Statistics

Here is a brief list of global HR statistics to reveal how human resources have been changing from 2015 through 2021.

  • Every year, around two million applicants get their dream jobs through the very platform of social media. It simply elucidates the modern social media is the most suitable tool for advertisements and recruitments as an integral part of modern HR techniques.
  • One-fourth of the population of the United States prefers working with SMEs, instead of looking for some MNCs.
  • Female employees have more salaries in the United States. This is because the US offers a congenial working environment and equal employment opportunities. Their efforts for women’s empowerment are bearing fruit.
  • The meaning of the word BOSS is someone or something that comes forward. It is a widely used word at workplaces worldwide but this term is not used by subordinates in a few countries.
  • Human capital is the only asset that supports, promotes, and optimizes all other assets to generate business revenues. Employees are really kings in their capacity!
  • One-third of interviewers decide within a minute whether to hire or reject a job candidate for a specific position. Their decision is solely backed by their experience, knowledge, and vision.
  • Five percent of the job applications and resumes are not even gone through either because of funky email addresses or childish format of the resume.
  • White is the most used color of business attire. Black and blue come next. Modern HR techniques value the training that describes what to wear and how to wear at workplaces.
  • Twenty-seven percent of the workforce gets salary in cash in Asian countries either because they do not have a bank account or the companies have their own policies to pay a few employees in cash.
  • Empathy is believed to be the most important personality trait of the human capital by ninety-five percent of the employees worldwide.
  • Online hiring and remote workplaces are the modern HR techniques used by most of contemporary companies.
  • Thirty-one percent of companies do not pass employees’ data through rigorous analysis for making further decisions. Such companies hardly achieve a healthy organizational culture.
  • Thirty percent of the world’s human capital quits jobs because of the offensive or harassing attitude of the managers or supervisors.
  • All employees see their professional growth first. Its positive side matters. If they are given opportunities to gain sustainable growth, they put the companies at success.
  • Currently, forty percent of companies are making use of Artificial Intelligence for recruitment, training, and development purposes.
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