FOUR Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Resume

FOUR Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Resume

The capable job seekers start building their resumes during the last six months of completing their educational qualification or professional training. Speaking of the developing countries, career counseling seems to be non-existent at university levels. The students, therefore, write their resumes without any professional supervision. All the stakeholders must know how to write a resume because it imparts the acquisition of your dream job. Worldwide, 29 percent of the job aspirants mention wrong dates for their employment history. Similarly, 85 percent of the job seekers do not hire a professional resume writer. Ergo, they know nothing about how to write a resume.

Following are the four major mistakes the job candidates tend to commit while drafting their CVs. The HR professionals recommend removing such mistakes to catch up on a job successfully.

  1. Wrong use of Orthodoxy Design (OD)

Since English is the international language and nearly all the international jobseekers draft their resumes in the English language. The Orthodoxy Design (OD) must be flawless throughout the copy of your resume. A standard OD includes:

  • The right use of punctuation
  • Acceptable capitalization
  • Correct spellings and phrases

The OD actually ensures the health of language in the overall draft and conveys your writing skills to the evaluator of the CV. Spelling mistakes and punctuating errors leave a bad impression on the minds of HR professionals and they tend to screen out your resume, declared unfit for the next stage of the recruitment process. A language specialist can impart a bit of how to write a winning resume.

  • An incorrect sequence of achievements

Use a prescribed format to enlist your achievements. Start with the current professional achievements, then educational accomplishments, and extracurricular awards finally. Never start with extracurricular activities while putting your achievements to the presentation. The HR managers are more concerned about your professional acumen and proficiency in job-related skills.

  • Overstatements and overestimations

A few job aspirants try to overstate the total might of their resumes. They really do not take interest in researching how to write a resume. Truth is the best strategy. Persist on entrusting truth to your CV.

  • State if you are awaiting the result for your in-process qualifications
  • Do not mention 5 years if you have worked for four and a half years
  • Rate your skill level as per standards; avoid overestimating yourself
  • Ambiguous statement of objectives

At the face of your resume, your statement of objective tells what you aspire to pursue in your life and what your career goals are. State your career objectives in a clear and direct way. Unprofessional personal statements are often considered to be raw. Make your statement impressive by:

  • Using familiar and easy to understand the language
  • Use industry words and diction
  • Keep your statement of objective short
  • Use standard font size and style
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