Family Carnivals at Employee Events

Family Carnivals at Employee Events

Conventionally, the employees keep their families away from their professional life. Modern human resource management advocates the importance of family festivals at employee events. The employees work to support themselves and their families in terms of finances. Money makes the mare go! If the employees are not paid, the wheel of industries would stop working. Considering the entertainment factor of families is, therefore, a better choice to achieve employee loyalty and a greater retention rate.

Organizing family events at workplaces achieves two HR objectives:

  • Alleviation of workplace stress
  • Enhanced employee efficiency

Relationship building among employees’ families

The family events open up new horizons for the families to meet and nurture good relationships in the future. It has been seen that the families who are given opportunities to join employee events have a better understanding of what their partners are doing. It creates an adequate level of belongingness to the employers which further delineates the productivity of workers. The occasions which could be turned into pleasant memories may include:

  • Welcoming Summer or Spring
  • Annual Family Dinner
  • Music Concert
  • Sports Day
  • Fruit Fiestas
  • New Year Event
  • Inter-family Gaming Competition

Entertainment and workplace stress management

Employee events create an atmosphere of motivation for all stakeholders. The aura of such events expands when, on certain occasions, the families of employees are invited therein. The achievement of an optimal level of productivity is only possible when the employers take care of the entertainment of their workers and their respective families, at least four times a year. It helps employees manage their stress level which speaks loud at their workplace.

Tips to organize family get-togethers at the workplace  

Managing family get-togethers at employee events is a complete job and needs resources, planning, and attention to deliver the best experience. Usually, the HR personnel is said to be responsible for organizing such Employee events. If you could not manage your team from within the internal environment, you must hire an event management consultant to go through the roof.

Here are a few tips to conclude these occasions professionally.  

  • Develop a theme of the event
  • Define clear objective
  • Propagate a slogan in the internal environment
  • Welcome the employees’ families
  • Choose a fabulous venue
  • Decide whom you are inviting to the event
  • Invite individual families officially
  • Choose gifts for employees’ families
  • Think about gaming activities
  • Consider outdoor event options
  • Ensure quality of food
  • Call a celebrity for the respective event
  • Time and date are important
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