Employers’ Top 5 Strategies For New Interns

Employers’ Top 5 Strategies For New Interns

Hiring has never been an easy task. It is a time-consuming job and can be stressful too. According to research, more than 70 thousand students every year search for internship opportunities in Pakistan and worldwide. Due to massive unemployment, there are thousands of candidates who are searching for the job and are even willing to join some internship program.

Attracting and scanning the smart brains to your organization and utilizing the creative ideas of these minds is not that much simple, but important for the growth of the business. With these objectives, the employers could practice the following five strategies to induct the young brains to various internship opportunities in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Specify your Hiring Requirements

Before you plan to hire an intern, it is imperative to know what you are actually searching for. This will help you sort out the candidates based upon their profile and your internal requirements. One thing must be kept in mind that, on the later stage, these interns can prove themselves a productive asset for your company. While recruiting, try to place yourself in the shoe of the intern. Usually, small jobs suit to the interns and they learn a lot by executing such jobs.

Look for the Relevant Graduates

Relevancy is actually about being right. If you are going through the resume of irrelevant candidates, you are wasting your time in the wrong place. For example, if you want to hire an intern for the post of business development, you could contact the best educational institutions for a list of passing our business graduates. It will not only save your time but will also result in better selection. Like developing countries, internship opportunities in Pakistan yield a permanent job in the future.

Communicate Company Goals to the Intern

Once you have shortlisted and selected the best minds for your vacant slots, the next task is to establish effective communication channels with newly hired interns. You have to tell them what you expect from them and what they can expect from the organization they are working for. This will keep them motivated and focused during the tenure of internship that usually ranges between three months to one year.

Regulate Discipline for Everyone

As interns are fresh graduates, so they might show a lazy attitude towards discipline: working regularly without giving attention to the phone, again and again, meeting deadlines, being present at the office punctually, and maintain the dress code. The interns should follow the same rule that everyone is following at the workplace. The interns at Boeing demonstrate the best form of discipline and compliance. As a fresh graduate, you would find many internship opportunities in Pakistan for which you are required to get registered on www.peopleinbox.com which is a super simple online job portal.

Pay your Interns as per Policy

Paying the interns is actually about retaining their motivation. It is sorrowful that a few internship opportunities in Pakistan do not payback in terms of wages. There are many companies who unbiasedly take care of their interns. It shows you value their time and hence they become your brand ambassadors in the long run. Recruiting for full-time roles from among the interns always remains an opportunity for the employers.

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