Employee Onboarding Practices 2022

Employee Onboarding Practices 2022

Today’s talent market demands businesses go out of the box to develop an employee experience that entices and keeps the best workforce. Employee onboarding practices constitute an essential aspect of the inclusive experience.

Increased productivity and employee satisfaction are just two of the numerous advantages of ensuring a warm welcome of the new hires. Consider a few tips for employee onboarding practices. Read the full article to have a better insight into the subject.

Set the tone with a welcome email

Nearly 11 percent of the new hires change their mind after signing the employment contract. One of the best ways to ensure your new recruits feel esteemed is to send them a personalized welcome email. Remind them of the positive influence they will have on the organization by expressing your gratitude for their decision to join. Write the onboarding email including necessary details and adequate information about the first day.  

Bridge the gap with virtual introductions

Before their first day at work, get new employees acquainted with their coworkers through virtual introductions. You might use digital channels to introduce your new recruit. Post an internal organizational organogram chart and employees’ directory online. New recruits will benefit from learning more about the company’s goals, vision, values, and culture. Being an integral part of employee onboarding practices, virtual interviews help new entrants feel high.

Send a pre-start email

In order to guarantee a smooth start for your new employees, send them an email prior to their first day. Set a later start time, provide advice on where to park and how to enter the facility, and specify the appropriate attire for the occasion. In addition, give them an idea of what to anticipate on the first day or perhaps the first week at the organization.

Help new employees feel special on the first day

A lot of work goes into setting up an employee’s first day, and doing it properly is a critical task.  

  • Get them a desk and the necessary tools to execute their work properly.
  • Your employees will feel intimacy while seeing some special things on the desk. It may be a welcoming sign, a hello card and some flowers.
  • Ensure that your employees have access to the services they depend on, such as computers, office technology, stationery, and utilities.
  • Finally, set a reminder on the manager’s calendar with the employee’s start time so that the two can orchestrate the meet-up time.  
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