Employee Appreciation Ideas

Employee Appreciation Ideas

Workforce engagement relies heavily on employee appreciation. According to the studies, employees who receive appreciation are more likely to be contented with their jobs. In fact, appreciation brings about 2.7 times more work engagement. It is, therefore, crucial to understand how to motivate employees. Employees are more likely to be engaged upon feeling valued for the job they accomplish.

The article covers a few ideas to appreciate and motivate employees. Small things often get ignored, but they could breed lucrative results when practiced.

Surprise them to turn on their motivation

People love to give and receive surprises. Suppose, the sales department acquires a new major customer. How would you appreciate the efforts of the sales team for this accomplishment? Go for a traditional surprise party to celebrate success! Decorate the workplace, turn out the lights, and leap out of a huge cake as the sales team comes for the celebration. Alternatively, you could just applaud them as they pass through the office. Everyone likes a nice surprise party, no matter how you do it! It would uplift employees’ morale.

Pay them additionally to get them to feel valued

Paying employees what they believe they are worth is a good way to recognize and appreciate their hardheaded efforts and sincere performance. Salary increments, yearly bonuses, performance bonuses, and motivational tours help the employees understand their importance for the employer. It means how to motivate employees involves monetary expenses too. The modern HR specialists call this investment and not the expense.

Get them out of the office for leisure activities

This may be an all-favorite method of showing gratitude to the people that work with added zeal. Passionate managers do this for they know how to motivate employees for the best of their personal growth and organizational goals. Just avoid thinking about how to motivate employees; instead, plan some dine out surprisingly and the results would amuse you.

Give your top performers the gift of time to show how much you value their contributions. Allow your employees to take the remainder of the day off after completing a major goal or project so they could spend time with family, conduct errands, or just hang around and eat Cheetos like a college student on summer break.

Inculcate the culture of thanking the employees

Being a potential employee appreciation idea that will never go out of style, thank your employees for their valuable contributions. For distant workers, write a handwritten message on their desk or mail it to them.

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