Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, and HR

Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, and HR

Digitalization is the substance of modern human resource practices. Artificial Intelligence in HR has further widened the scale of research and analysis.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalization are the latest buzzwords exchanged while talking about modern workplaces. Numerous technology solutions claim to be driven by AI, but do they really work? Yes, technology has advanced a lot but not to the extent that is usually portrayed. A lot of confusion about AI is driven by the overly broad usage of this term in the entertainment, media, and education sectors. The ultimate objective of AI is to develop a machine that can think like human beings or is intelligent to such an extent. Anything less than this does not deserve to be termed as AI. On the other hand, digitalization is the process of moving toward paperless workplace systems. Artificial Intelligence in HR is extremely useful in this regard. Otherwise, it would not be wrong to say that a secure and optimum level of digitalization cannot be achieved and retained in the absence of AI.

AI being encompassing a broad range of technologies has a huge impact on HR. With developed AI infrastructure and effective digitalization, organizations can:

  • Save time and finance
  • Increase talent retention
  • Decrease wrong decisions including hiring disguised labors
  • Launch effective training programs and modules for employees
  • Do capacity building of HR to undertake more complex initiatives

Businesses and organizations aim at connecting current and prospective employees as well, as networking is a prime focus. To translate this goal on a larger scale, the HR managers would need the deployment of scalable AI technology. Other motivations for AI include:

  • Huge data bank backed by security
  • Acquisition of transactional data
  • Automation of repetitive and low-value assignments
  • Optimal usage of HR gamification tools to Increase productivity

How does Artificial Intelligence in HR come into force giving out full features of the technology? The development of AI tools is a bit of a complex job but, once developed, its usage is very simple. The HR managers can advertise, screen out, interview, recruit, develop and train employees through an AI-based system of networks.

Keeping a complete record of the job applicants, their qualifications and availability is a great job AI does for the specialists single-handedly. Quantification of talent has been a complicated task before the advent of Artificial Intelligence in HR. Today, the corporate world can rely on the selection of human capital deployed through the use of artificial intelligence.

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