Digital Transformation Metrics in HR to Measure Success

Digital Transformation Metrics in HR to Measure Success

2021, a year of pandemic, disaster to most of the businesses and resources, so what should be done in order to avoid the material and economic losses? The question is worth addressing. The only thing that comes to mind is digitalization and digital transformation metrics in HR. Through these KPIs, the outcomes of employees’ training become obvious, enabling the managers to devise future strategies.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is intended at reinventing the business. We can say, most businesses have to choose between innovation and extinction. Digital transformation is not relevant only to IT; it is about reinforcing the comprehensive business methods perhaps changing your corporate culture and structure to succeed in the digital world. Digital transformation does not merely mean applying technology to your business; it is actually about creating entirely new business on the backbone of technology. Since most things have gone digital, it is imperative for managers and employees to rely on digital transformation metrics in HR.

Following metrics should be kept in mind in order to boost up a business entity.

Thriving upon data

Data is the key requirement for digital transformation. Having the knowledge about your business and the factors affecting the growth of your business can lead to the generation of a tremendous amount of profits. The digital transformation has become a point of interest nowadays under the auspices of two main reasons.

  • Technology is growing on a daily basis
  • Data is far more plentiful and useful

What makes today’s digital transformation different is the extreme and exact knowledge of facts and data, not just batches of data but real-time data. In order to measure success, you must have knowledge about the customers, competitors, and supply chain, and market data.

Using Digital Instruments

It is necessary to realize the importance of digital instruments and technologies. The use of AI and other useful technologies can collaborate to pave the road towards success. Successful and growing industries are trying to replace their conventional frameworks with modern and digital networks.

Considering Digital Customers

E-commerce is growing at 23% every year. Globally, 71 percent of the Americans, 91 percent of Indonesians, 56 percent of Gen-ex, and 28 percent of seniors prefer to shop online rather than in stores. This is why HR Managers have started deploying digital transformation campaigns and KPIs to keep the employees and customers aligned. In the light of these statistics, customers have definitely turned digital. Keeping records of the customers and analyzing their data using tools has become as certain as death. Digital transformation metrics in HR put the revenues to the next level.

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