Components of the Welcome Kit for New Hires

Components of the Welcome Kit for New Hires

How to welcome new employees at the job station? A known proverb suggests that the first impression is the last impression. The companies with excellent organizational culture – generic and MNCs – always go one step forward to welcome their new hires in a highly respectable way. The employers use effective ideas to give protocol to the new entries because they know how to welcome new employees.

The 21st-century Orientation Kit for new hires includes the following.

  • Letter of Welcome printed on the company’s letterhead is the first element of the Welcome Kit. The letter could clearly welcome new hires in an amicable language. This establishes that the newcomer is a part of the company.
  • The latest company directory contains lots of knowledge about the history, operations, and procedures of the company. The newly recruited employees require such information to align their attitude to the standard operating procedures.
  • An updated copy of the Employees Instructional Manual is necessary to get the new hires familiar with the key performance indicators and functional instructions.
  • A lucid Statement of Business Ethics and Code of Conduct printed on the official letterhead must be presented to the new employee. Usually, the recruits are required to submit a signed copy of the same to the HR manager as a confession that he or she would stick to the requirements of execution of the job in the legitimately prescribed way.
  • A company directory contains all the contact numbers and email addresses of the staff working in various departments. This directory is much needed for the new entrants to communicate within the hierarchy while performing job descriptions.
  • Companies usually, at the time of orientation, handover company maintained assets and facilities to the employees. A standards Welcome Kit contains a complete list of company assets to be entrusted to the new hire later on.
  • Giving your new hires a comprehensive identity package creates a sense of belongingness. The identity package constitutes items with a company logo, such as diaries, calendars, pencils, wallets, coffee mugs, and other related items.
  • Welcoming an employee onboard is a high moment. The new hire definitely deserves a great gift from the team. It may either be a branded shirt or some memorable decoration piece. It enthralls extremely positive vibes.
  • All the items of the Welcome Kit should be packed in a smart bag. The company logo must clearly be seen on the bag.

Remember, welcoming the new hires is not an ordinary task. It is therefore really important to discover high notes of how to welcome new employees.

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