Common characteristics of the employees who become CEOs in their mid-career

Common characteristics of the employees who become CEOs in their mid-career

There are two types of employees: those whose career path takes off and those who just slowly keep on moving the ladder of their promotions and might not end at the highest slot. It is generally assumed that people who secure the best management degree from a top class business school belong to the first category. Interestingly, the facts are worth analyzing as the facts do not endorse this assumption. These are the qualities of good employees that define the fate of their careers.

The 10-year study project named “CEO Genome” was conducted for 17,000 executives. The aim of the project was to analyze how few employees moved to the top ladder faster than their fellows. The following characteristics were observed in the employees that played part in their success and these characteristics have nothing to do with the educational qualifications directly.

Inculcating specific behaviors

Habits define who you are! The employees who developed the following habits were the ones who became CEOs in their mid-career.

  • Adaptability
  • Resilience
  • Competence
  • Decisiveness

Making bold moves in career

There are employees who are too risk-averse and then there comes a category of people who love to take risks. Few stay in between, the ones who take measured and planned risks. According to studies, it has been observed that the employees who took bold moves in the career were actually the ones who landed at top positions in a shorter span of time as compared to others. Taking big decisions is one of the qualities of good employees.

Respecting the jobs

The people who moved on the ladder of success shared the following common characteristics. They did not bother about doing a small job at some point in their life. These employees though were doing smaller jobs, but the ones with a greater level of responsibility. This skill, in the later stage of their life, was translated into becoming CEOs. Even there are many who started from smaller business setups, and after some time, they were able to expand their business across product lines and geography.

Managing uncertainties

The history of many CEOs showed that they at some point in their life worked in an uncertain environment. For example, they worked in an organization where they were exposed to new challenges frequently. Still, sometimes they had to manage the situational responsibilities due to the dynamic nature of their job. All these skills later led them to be CEOs. A highly specialized group of people who are experts at handling uncertainties, responsibilities, and new market trends are destined to appear as great CEOs. The level of seriousness and sincerity prepare the personnel to acquire the qualities of good employees.

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