What does keep the employees motivated?

Twenty-nine percent of employees leave their jobs because of prolonged demotivation. The monotony of the work and daily routine may take the employees to the jaws of demotivation irrespective of the gravity of situations. It is unavoidable to...

Motivation Drives your Career

Motivation simply sprouts from the reasons to achieve, grow, and act in the desired way. Different people have different levels of motivation. As per psychologists and management scientists, it is the only motivation that drives you to perform in a...

Workplace Entertainment

To most people, entertainment at workplaces seems to be a fishy and vague idea, but the reality is contrary to this. Workplace entertainment is instrumental in fostering light on how to improve employees’ motivation. For decades, the corporate world...

How to Effectively Incentivize Your Employees

Often times you’ll see your employees really excited upon initially joining your organization and looking forward to working for your team. That means you’re doing a great job selling your company, but what’s the point of putting in all the effort...

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