Careers in Financial Sector

Careers in Financial Sector

Typically, the human resource having the following qualifications opt for doing jobs in the financial sector.

  • Master of Business Administration or Master of Commerce
  • Master of Risk Management or Master of Insurance Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce or Graduation in Accountancy
  • Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountants

Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan and the international institutions enroll the candidates in CA, ACMA, ASPA, FSPA, and CIMA to finally give the world proficient Financial Managers, Financial Analysts, Cost Accountants, Tax Accountants, and Management Accountants. Chartered Accountants earn the highest salary packages, whereas the Accounts Managers and Financial Analysts come next in terms of secured career track and wage rates.

Banking Officers  

Bankers are always idealized by the juniors who are acquiring their MBA from the universities. Since banks are highly financial premises, the bankers need to demonstrate a high level of attention, due diligence, and knowledge of financial laws. Speaking of Pakistan, banks offer generous jobs in the financial sector. An MBA or M.Com could lead a candidate to apply for a trainee position in banks.

Lease Managers

The business of leasing companies is flourishing in the progressing economies of the world. Huge companies hire a full fleet of lease managers to serve their individual and corporate clients. The leasing companies disburse and deliver cars, machinery, and other assets for lease or hire purchase to facilitate the industries. Simple business graduation is enough to enter this profession.


Every company, irrespective of its industry, need accountants. The designations like Account Officers and Manager Accounts pose a definite career ladder for the young professionals and business graduates. If you have earned a Bachelor of Commerce, you could commence your career as a professional accountant across a range of industries: textile, food, medicine, agriculture, IT, and what else you like.

Investment Consultants

In every country, real estate remains an important source of earning GDP. Real estate agents are always good investment consultants. On the other hand, portfolio management companies hire investment analysts and consultants to present business proposals to their clients and manage their investments for guaranteed ROI.

Insurance Agents

Insurance companies now have collaborated with the banks to induct their insurance agents who make up a considerable portion of the jobs in the financial sector. They work for a fixed salary plus a handsome commission on sales. Though the work of an insurance agent is target-based, yet insurance sector offers great career opportunities and growth prospects.

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