Avoid 5 Things at Workplace

Avoid 5 Things at Workplace

Do not ask or respond personal questions

Small talk is the conversation at a personal and social level. It may be allowed at a few workplaces. Pakistan’s culture allows social talks at offices, but the multinational norms are strictly against personal questions while at work. It is equivalent to negate workplace ethics.

Never ask these questions from your seniors and other colleagues.

  • When are you going to get married?
  • What is your exact age?
  • How much salary you drew from your previous employer?
  • How many close friends do you have?
  • What are your next career aspirations?
  • When are you going to have a kid?
  • Is your boss good with you?

Do not discuss mainstream sentiments

In order to stick to workplace ethics, just make sure that you do not indulge in discussing your mainstream sentiments with your colleagues. The following things come under the category of mainstream sentiments.

  • Religious talks which show that you are a bigot
  • Social rituals and cultural norms that are nearest to others’ soul
  • Talks about the favorite political leader
  • Negative remarks about someone’s nationality
  • Negative talks about the ethnicity of your colleagues

Do not wear a casual dress at the job station

Unless allowed by the decision-makers, avoid wearing a casual dress during the job hours. In most countries, casual dressing at workplaces symbolizes employees’ relaxed attitude. That is not appreciated. Always observe acceptable business attire to fix the harmony of work according to weather conditions. A few companies allow casual dresses on some special days; that is perfect. On the other side, casual and semi-party dresses make you stand out in an awkward way. A decent attire proves that you take care of workplace ethics.

Do not shirk work or make lame excuses

The companies need hard workers and problem solvers. Work shirkers have no place in the corporate world. Just concentrate on what you have been hired for. Do not leave loopholes in your actions that prove that you are trying to consume time only. Stay focused, dedicated, and honest to perform your job description as well as you can. Take leaves with prior approval and avoid taking relaxations on the telephone. Keep your official and family life apart to ensure you never made a lame excuse during your career.

Do not sidestep your managers or bosses

You are responsible for your doings at work. Similarly, your immediate boss is responsible to supervise you and report to the higher officials in the hierarchy. Never try to bypass your managers. Always take them in the pipeline while communicating. If you have to talk about the Regional Manager, you are supposed to talk to him through your departmental manager first. Keep your bosses informed at all levels.

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