5 Ways to Achieve Loyalty of Employees

5 Ways to Achieve Loyalty of Employees

HR researchers have concluded that 60 percent of the employees in a business organization keep on searching for new job opportunities during their current job. And understandably, on average, one-third of these employees leave the company within one year and claim that they did not like organizational behavior. It is easier to understand how much employees’ loyalty has fallen over time. But the question is why employee loyalty matters to any business!

The Loyalty of the employees with their employer organization is important because it

  • Saves time of the HR personnel
  • Reduces cost of new hiring
  • Reduces the anxiety related to the adjustment of new employees into the business
  • Relieves pain of hiring replacement candidates  
  • Builds brand name and organizational behavior (OB)

This is why the decision of any company to work on the creation of loyalty is vital. But how to do that? How can employees be made loyal and emotionally attached to the growth and development of current business, constituting an acceptable and congenial organizational behavior? Here are some proven strategies you can follow for instilling loyalty in your employees.

Offering Competitive Salary and Benefits

If you want your employees do not aspire to move for some other opportunity, you must offer them greener grass. And the first way to do that is to offer a competitive salary. It is a fact that people do jobs because they want to earn a handsome amount and if you are not giving them enough, they will obviously search for some other opportunity. Further, for the same level of responsibility, everyone expects to be paid fairly and equally.

Offer a little autonomy to your employees in decision-making

A few years ago, there was a huge emphasis on delegation of authority, and empowerment for it is the most important element of organizational behavior. Later, many business organizations focused on ‘employee engagement’. Though the terminologies differ actually the essence of all these concepts is the same.  

The companies that focus on employee autonomy and engagement have a 31 percent lesser turnover rate than the organizations that do not follow these patterns. The easiest way to increase autonomy and engagement of employees is to offer them flexible work hours and empower them in decision-making at their job level. It would achieve employees’ loyalty and a remarkable level of organizational behavior.

Encourage cooperative work environment rather than authoritative

There was a time when authoritative control was considered mandatory for the growth of organizations. But the case is different now. Cultures and especially parenting habits have evolved. Now parenting is more consultative in nature rather than authoritative. So the employees prefer and feel more connected to their work in a consultative and cooperative environment. The multinationals and big generic corporations are putting efforts and money to create a cooperative, friendly, and flexible work environment in order to make their employees feel intimacy.

Introduce your business as a talent-based brand

Clearly, the businesses with the highest standard of customer service have become brands in the relevant industry. Irrespective of the fact which industry your business belongs to, the more proficient, expert, and credible you are for your services, the sooner your name will float in the upper lists in the market. Employees at such businesses are always more loyal to their organization because they feel proud to associate themselves with such business tycoons. Brands are brands because they successfully achieve the required organizational behavior.

Work on the strategy of hiring more referrals

Hiring on the basis of referrals has two-fold advantages. First, the employees feel more connected to the organization where they could somehow help their friends and family members in career growth. While on the other side, the connection between employees creates more avenues of working in a cooperative manner. This directly influences the employee retention rate that is the sole product of employees’ loyalty.

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