5 things to Consider before Terminating an Employee

5 things to Consider before Terminating an Employee

In most cases, there is always a person who does not get things done properly. At some point in time, every organization goes through this. The reason can be wrong hiring indeed. What is the first and quick action the HR managers can do? From how to write a termination letter to relieving the worker from his or her position, firing an employee is a procedural HR action that requires some official arrangements.

Going for organizational change by opening up the roles for new entrants is a better option. Of course, you fire the incumbent immediately in this scenario. Once an employee is terminated, the HR professionals start looking for a replacement which may take up to 30 days or more. It is therefore good to first keep an eye on the replacement and then terminate the personnel.

For minimizing the risks attached to firing an employee, the HR managers consider five important things, otherwise, they know how to write a termination letter!

  1. Carry out a behavioural audit of the person concerned

The best feedback comes from the bosses, colleagues, and subordinates at a cultured workplace. A structured questionnaire can serve the purpose. The proficient recruiters accumulate potential information about the competencies and attitude of the employees for future decision making. A meticulous survey can reveal all the weaknesses and bad intentions of the employee to be terminated.

  • See if the employee deserves a second chance

Either the coworkers are satisfied with the performance of the person concerned or not. If yes, you can give him a chance to improve his or her productivity and loyalty. If no, check how much the resource is falling behind in meeting the desired job specifications, conduct an exit interview, and start thinking about how to write a termination letter.

  • Improve the job specification before hiring the replacement

Of course, when you are going to re-hire a new person for the same job, there is no need to change the job specification. Nevertheless, as the dynamic organizations keep on updating their ventures, so do the job specification changes a little as well. Therefore, before hiring a new resource it is better to revise the job specification.

  • Get the clearance form signed by the leaving employee

As the immediate firing can cost your business awkwardly. Therefore, it is better to find the optimal resource beforehand, and once you have found the replacement, it would be easy to fire the existing one without putting the routine work at stake. Handover a clearance form to the leaving employee to be signed by the head of each department in the company. By then, you can ponder upon how to write a termination letter for the employee.

  • Clear the compensation-related matters of the employee

Make a note of all the pending wages for the employee and forward them to the compensation and benefits department for cross-checking. Just comply with the promulgated labor laws to safeguard the company’s interests and make the termination process legitimate. Credit the employee’s account with the last month’s salary, old-age benefits, and insurance amount, and overtime payments if any!

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