5 Common Qualities of Efficacious CEOs

5 Common Qualities of Efficacious CEOs

As far as the indispensable qualities of CEOs are concerned, successful Chief Executive Officers of top multinationals demonstrate a few common traits. Sustainable growth of all business conglomerates – Google, Microsoft, Pfizer, GSK, Nestle, and Unilever – are subject to the visionary actions taken by their respective CEOs.

The leading business managers are supposed to demonstrate a specific set of competencies, which are being produced underneath.


All CEOs and heads need to be proficient at management skills irrespective of the form of the industry they work for. Around 35 percent of the qualities of CEOs constitute management skills.

  • Business management
  • Operations management
  • Conflict resolution and dispute management
  • Anger and stress management

To alleviate stress and extricate an unnecessary amount of anger, the successful CEOs opt for the following activities.

  • Sticking to healthy routines
  • Taking time to relax
  • Going for exercise regularly
  • Sharing activities fairly
  • Finding solutions to the problems


According to researches, a competent CEO reads five books a month to come in contact with the latest trends and knowledge. Reading pours multilevel effects on the human brain and personality. CEOs go for fast reading courses in order to enable themselves to read the literature as quickly as possible. They peer through various sections of a manuscript and easily grasp what lies at the core of a prescribed material.

Why the CEOs persist in reading books and magazines?

  • Books reveal new leadership models
  • Literature interprets real-life knowledge
  • The reading tells how to handle situations
  • Reading accentuates thoughtful attitude
  • It is the best way to spend spare time


Empathy stays at the top of leadership skills the great CEOs have. Empathy and compassion are the souls of a corporate leader. The essence of team building and keeping the employees motivated contains in supreme leadership.

The essential leadership qualities of the CEOs are as under.

  • Vision and motivation
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Consideration and care
  • Transparency and honesty


Negotiation skills result in successful partnerships and collaborations. Winning corporate clients is hugely dependent on the effectiveness of conciliation which becomes an integral part of the qualities of CEOs. Negotiation skills are supported by many parameters as described by Forbes.

  • Clarity of communication
  • Collaborative decisiveness
  • Transformative capacity
  • Participative engagement


The four factors of integrity include honesty, transparency, trust, and hard work. Influential CEOs do not compromise over integrity to earn a good name and reputation for themselves and for the enterprises they work with.

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